Thursday, November 25, 2010

Special Friendship: Melanie

Myself and Melanie in 2007

I have known Melanie since I was at the age of three, which technically means we have known each other for fourteen years.  I could go on forever on how my life would be so different with out her - it would be.  But I shall try and choose a few memories to reminiscent about.

Melanie is on my left, at my 4th birthday party

Like many children, you usually had that friend, whose house you would go every second week and your friend would come in the weeks where you didn't go to their house.  Melanie was that friend.  She was and still is one of my best friends.  I still recall memories of when we would jump over her hedge with prickly leaves and onto the grass - her drive way was incredibly steep, dropping a metre or so; hiding in her bedroom away from my Dad so I wouldn't have to leave her house, as well as making our own fort with a bed sheet in her bedroom.

In 2003 or 2004, Melanie and I got into the most absurd argument which lasted a month or longer.  It was because we both had the same interests in the book The B.F.G., F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and another television show.  When I look back onto that argument, it was so ridiculous!  I mean, aren't friendships bonded because of each other's interests?

Myself and Melanie in 2005 when she came up a month or so after moving

The most emotional year for us, well definitely for me, was 2005, when I moved from Canberra to Queensland because my Dad got a new job.  I still remember the last day we hung out and when Melanie's Mum dropped me off at home and I hugged Melanie.  However, I never knew that was the last time I would see her until one of us went interstate to see each other.  The first few weeks in Brisbane were very sad.  I cried because I missed my best friend and how I was unable to see her.  So the next school holidays, which were like 10 weeks after I had arrived in Brisbane, Melanie flew to Queensland for a trip.  I was so incredibly happy when I saw her.  That feeling was like when loved ones see each other after months or years of separation.  Quite an exaggerated emotion, but that was how it felt to me.
Melanie and Myself (sunburnt) - last time she was up in Queensland
The past two years, we haven't met each other because of my European Trip in December 2009 which was the time my Dad and my brother went down to Canberra for Christmas.  We do speak to each other on MSN on rare occasions because of our lives interrupting our social lives.  I really really hope I can see her next month because I do fear that our incredibly strong friendship is slowly becoming loose.  I cannot and will not accept that my friendship with the most amazing, funniest and greatest person in the world just leave my life because we live two states away from each other.  I think I would mentally die if I never spoke or saw her again - she is like my long lost sister.  She is apart of my family and I love my family dearly.

How long has your best friend relationship been?  Are you still besties or have you gone your separate ways?


  1. AW DUDE
    i laughed so many times reading this, also with tears rimming my eyes
    i remember that fucking argument ... in year 2. jesus we were dumb. mainly me.
    and now you're all graduated babe 101, and i've one year to go. even though we stopped living in the same state when we were 11, i feel as though we still fully grew up together through both our childhood and teenage years.
    i do feel us drifting also as we are both very busy people at the moment, but i hope we meet up sometime in 2011 when things have settled down a bit :)
    yeh bro, i love you
    you pretty much defined my childhood
    <3 melanie

  2. @Melanie
    Haha, all of our memories :')
    God that argument... I remember my Mum had to see someone and I talked to you where the bags were and I recall you having a packet of 2 min noodles (I was so jealous :P)
    I agree, I do believe we grew up together in our childhood and I wish someone had filmed it all because it was so funny and awesome.
    Hopefully I shall have my Ps, so we can drive wherever we can :P
    You defined my childhood as well ♥


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