Sunday, November 28, 2010

Summer Holidays

"A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more."

Ever since Graduation, I have only left the house probably four or five times.  I know, incredibly lazy, but I am quite antisocial sometimes and I don't have my Provisional licence yet (which I could have had since March) but once again, too lazy.

These Summer holidays, I am going to change.  I am determined to get my Provisionals as well as getting a part-time job which I can have until I have finished university - that is, if I get into a university.  God, why does life have to be so complicated?  I wish I could just be a little girl again, living in Canberra, living a good and relaxed life.  I still recall when I would do swimming classes and ride a bicycle.  God, I haven't been on a bike since... forever! 

I am still yet to receive a haircut and I am unsure if I explained why I actually want a Pixie haircut.  I have just completed an important chapter in my life: schooling.  I am now officially in the big, scary world, well, not until I have graduated from university with a teaching degree...  I need a change in my life, which doesn't involve myself getting a tattoo or losing my virginity, I just want a different haircut.  Someone said, if you can't go longer, go shorter.  Since I really hate my hair being midlength and sitting on my shoulders, I want to get it cut shorter.

Anyone have any exciting plans for the holidays?

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