Friday, November 26, 2010

Pixie Haircuts

I have always been intrigued of the famous "pixie haircut" and now, I want a pixie haircut.  At first I was very worried that it may not suit me, but I then began to search images and videos with larger women.  The haircut suits everyone, but I believe the length of the hair (mostly on the top).  I yet have to book an appointment to get a haircut but I do realise that I will miss having longer hair.  My hair is currently just sitting on my shoulders, with a few layers stopping at my cheeks.

Always want the messy, bed hair...
I hope I can get a haircut next week or the week after because I want it ASAP!


  1. she is such a beauty!

  2. @diana kang
    I know! She is so beautiful [and tall]. I love her accent as well :3

  3. i hope your haircut turns out great!


  4. @WhitWatWear
    Aww thank you. I hope it does too - whenever I get it.
    Love your blog too btw. I am now following you :)


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