Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top 10 Disney Films: Lion King

This wonderful film was influenced by none other than the Bible stories of Moses and Joseph, as well as William Shakespeare's Hamlet.  The fact that it was based off Hamlet, was very strange but quite obvious if you think about it: Uncle kills Father because of jealousy, son leaves town believing he had done it, has the two escorts before going back home to kill his Uncle.  I have and always will love The Lion King.  I think the music is definitely one of the reasons on why I love it so much.  Especially the opening scene where every animal is gathering for the presentation of Simba.

Do you know anyone, your parents, yourself or other, who were childhood friends and eventually married each other?


  1. agreed the music is amazing, got to love disney films!

  2. @lucy
    I think Lion King is one of the best Disney films for music. The Disney films are amazing, even for animation :)
    Thanks for commenting!


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