Tuesday, November 16, 2010

European Trip, Part 7

December 30 2009
On this day, my Uncle and I went to the Mont Blanc mountains.  Because I was tired, I didn't really want to go in the snow.  I had stayed up for 38 hours.

December 31 2009
Went to UNICEF with Uncle to meet his friend Mara.  Learnt about the greeting card process.  Went to the Botanical Gardens, which was opposite UNICEF.  Went to weigh my bags at my airport: large suitcase was 26 kilograms and the small suitcase was 14 kilograms.  My Aunt and Uncle's friends Christian, his wife and two toddlers came over for dinner.  For dinner we had raclette, which was de-li-cious!  The people across the road had begun to celebrate at 11:30PM with a massive cow bell.

January 1 2010
I had a pretty chilled out day.  I spoke on MSN to Cherish before reading the Twilight parody, Nightlight.

January 2-3 2010
I cannot remember these two days, but it was just catching my plane from Geneva to Zurich to Hong Kong to Brisbane.

I hope you enjoyed my little jounal posts on my European Trip

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