Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vampire Academy

I got into Vampire Academy last year in November/December 2009.  My mum had decided to buy Vampire Academy and Frostbite as two books I could read on the plane to Europe, however I wanted two books from the Southern Vampire Mysteries Series which True Blood is based off.  I was so close to refusing to read the books but I decided to read Vampire Academy just to see if I would like it or not.  I loved it!  I could not believe that I wanted to push aside.
I cannot explain how much I love these books and the characters I have fallen in love with.  I especially love Dimitri Belikov or 'Dimka' as well as Adrian Ivashkov.    I am also especially looking forward to the film which is going to be directed by Don Murphy who has directed the Transformers films. 

If you love drama, romance, friendship, betrayal, humour and adventure, you will love the Vampire Academy series.

Have you read the Vampire Academy series before?  If so, who is your favourite character and why do you love the series?


  1. :]

    you didn't want to read it?!?!?! what?!?!

    well...good thing that you did anyway.. :]

    if you didn't...i wouldn't know you... O_O

  2. @ina
    Yes, I almost didn't read the book series. I was very angry at my mum for not buying books from the Southern Vampire Mysteries (even though I had read them) as I wanted to have all of the book series.
    Of course it is a good thing I read the Vampire Academy series, my life wouldn't be as fun or excitable whenever I read the books and because I wouldn't have met you. I am so glad we have a friendship which was tied together from a book series which we both love :)


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