Monday, November 15, 2010

European Trip, Part 1

From December 3 2009 to January 3 2010, I went to Europe for a holiday.  As it is almost been a year since my amazing adventure, I thought about writing down all of my memories as well as uploading some of my favourite photographs.

December 3 2009
I had woken up at 6:45AM with a big smile on my face.  After an hour of getting ready, dropping my brother off at school, I was off to the Brisbane International Airport.  When I said goodbye to my parents, I felt both excited and scared, since I was going to be flying all by myself to England.  (Note: A week before, I had an English Speech as my exam and it was on 9/11, which caused me to worry about flying).  After I had gone through Customs and went to find my gate, my plane to Hong Kong left at 11:46AM.  During my flight, of sleeping, taking notes on where I was above at such and such time, I changed my watch to the time for Hong Kong.  At 6:00PM, just before we touched down, I had noticed two dozen boats in the water.

After my four or five hour wait in the "Unaccompanied Children Room" I was taken to my gate, where I would be flying to Zurich, Switzerland.  The air hostess who was to look after me was beautiful - bright blueyes and soft brunette curls which stopped between her ears and shoulder.

December 4 2009
At 12:30AM (still in Hong Kong time), we took off.  I have to say, that the most fascinating fact during this flight is where we flew over: Omsk (Russia) as well as Kazakhstan at one point.  I cannot remember the time it took to fly to Zurich, but it was between 10-13 hours.  After arriving in Zurich, I went on a small plane to Birmingham.  Twenty five minutes after touching down, my Uncle picked me up.

I was welcomed to my Aunt and my baby cousin before my Uncle had to go and teach a class - they stayed in a house located inside their boarding school.  After lunch, my Aunt, cousin and I walked around the school where I saw eight squirrels.  They were so cute.

December 5 2009
On this day, my Aunt, cousin and I went to CadburyWorld.  While in the "Essense" room, I had melted chocolate with jelly babies whereas my Aunt had melted chocolate with marshmallows.  Fact: Chocolate has to be churned for 12 hours.  I had purchased a little keyring but I had seen a one kilogram of chocolate, which you could buy however, I never checked the price.  During dinner, my Uncle explained that they have a door in their cupboard which goes into the boy's bedrooms (their small house/apartment is between girl's dorm and a boy's dorm on the other side of their house/apartment).  My Uncle joked that what if one night a boy could open the door and "did a Narnia".  Here are a few photographs I took while I was at CadburyWorld:
I still remember smelling the chocolate when I took this

Here I am holding the diaper bag in front of the chocolate bar
The well known Cadbury Gorilla which played in this ad

Who else is a Cadbury chocolate lover?

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