Monday, November 15, 2010

European Trip, Part 3

December 9 2009
On this day, Deborah, Rosie and I took a bus tour of London.  Before the bus came to pick us up in London, Deborah had an argument with the man who worked with the bus tour that informs the people when the next bus will arrive.  Fact: Daniel Radcliffe had attended 'City of London' school for a year.  The tour was fascinating and gave me a quick look of London.
Big Ben

Drury Lane

London Bridge is falling down, falling down ♪

That night, Deborah took me to her daughter's house Harriet, who is the mother of Rosie, twins Jessie and Charlie, and Emily, who I mentioned in my I Am Jealous of My Cousin, Emily post.  Before we had dinner, I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with the twins and Emily, where Emily told me some information about when she was in Harry Potter and her friend's godfather being Alan Rickman.

December 10 2009
Deborah had taken me to a variety of places on this day.  The first being the location in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone where Harry and Hagrid are walking just before they enter The Leaky Cauldron.  I also saw the door which was used as the door for The Leaky Cauldron, however, I didn't take a photograph because it was bright blue and was for a glasses shop.  After that, we caught a cab to the TATE Modern.  It was really fascinating to see Andy Warhol artworks, I love his pop art work.  Before and after going to TATE Modern, I walked along the Millennium Bridge which was used in the first scene of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film.  Later that night, Deborah took me to King's Cross Station, so I could have a photograph at "Platform 9 3/4".  One of the musts for my trip was to have a photograph with the trolley stuck in the wall, as being an avid Harry Potter fan.
Location of the Harry/Hagrid scene

St Paul's Cathedral

Millennium Bridge, no Death Eater attacks, sadly

London cab

Platform 9 3/4

Best night in Europe


Building from Chamber of Secrets which Ron and Harry
dodge building as they just get into the car

December 11 2009
The night before Deborah had asked me whether I wanted to go to the British Museum or Buckingham Palace and as a fan of history, I chose British Museum.  I had only visited the Egyptian, Greek and Roman sections of the Museum which was good because they are my favourite places from history.  I had taken approximately 250 photographs, so I will only upload a few photos.  

Mummy from 700 BC

This day, I was also informed that Emily and Rosie were going to take me to Oliver! in Drury Lane.  So before we left Harriet's house, Emily told me information about when she was in Bill Weasley's and Fleur Delacour's wedding for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, here are some of the notes which I had written down before going to bed:
  • Emily is in a green dress with a ginger (ranga, redhead) husband
  • Should be near Hermione when Kingsley's patronus appears at the wedding
  • Emily saw Hermione with the magical bag after the patronus
  • Because Emily had no idea where the Death Eaters were going to be (two days before, they were filming without the Death Eaters), Emily was practically running for her life as she was keep going into the Death Eater's 'walkway' and where professional stunts were taking place
  • One stunt is a man going into the wedding cake before exploding
Oliver! was incredible.  I had never known the story of Oliver Twist, so it was very fascinating to watch.  The boy who played Oliver reminded me of a chipmunk.  After Emily and Rosie had gone to the bathroom before leaving the building, we had accidentally left through the emergency exit door.  We had gotten lost as we had walked around the block trying to find a McDonalds but finally found one next to the train station which we would have to go to.  On the second last train back to Queen's Park Station, where Deborah was meeting us, a woman had thrown up beside the businessman who was between us.  The smell was atrocious and we all laughed after we got off because people who had just got on, were walking to where the vomit was.

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