Saturday, November 20, 2010

Special Friendship: Cherish

At the beginning of 2007, when school had begun for a new year, both Cherish and I were in Year 9, and didn't know each other.  However, little did we know, we shared the same classes except for English and Form.  I had began to notice her and in our first (or second) maths lesson, Cherish had sat beside me.  We both began a conversation which led us to give each other our email addresses for MSN.  By March 2007, I invited her to sleep over at my house for my birthday along with another friend of mine. 

Geography Camp 2008

Our friendship began to grow over the years, in year ten in 2008 we went on a Geography Camp (the photo above).  During that year, in 2008, we began to create inside jokes which were incredibly hilarious.  I also created a "Gerrylicious" song, parodying the Fergalicious song replacing it with Gerard Butler.  

Gerrylicious definition that makes the girls go crazy.  They claim they know him.  Coming to him callin’ him Gerry.  He’s the G to the E-R, the R and the Y.  And no one can do it just like him.  He’s Gerrylicious (So delicious).  His body stays vicious.  When he’s up in the gym workin’ on his fitness.  I’m his witness.  That makes the girls rock, rock.  To make him walk down the block.  Just to watch what he gots.  He’s so gerry-licious. He’s hot, hot.  So gerry-licious.  That make the girls rock, rock.  He so gerry-licious.  They wanna taste of what he gots.  H-h-h-h-h hold up!  Check him out.
We have a great friendship and I would definitely be someone completely different if I hadn't met Cherish.  My school life would have been definitely boring, and I probably would be sitting with people I would've hated.
Formal 2010
 So Cherish, thank you for our amazing friendship of only four years and I hope to be friends until the day we die.  She has an amazing blog, which you can read here and also has a tumblr, which you can find here.

"I get by with a little help from my friends"

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