Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scabior and Hermione Shipper

(source: unknown)
I am not a huge Scabmione shipper, as I will always be a Hermione/Ron shipper but Scabior is so damn hot in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  On tumblr, Scabior is definitely one of the most talked about characters in the new Harry Potter film even though in the book, he was a minor character hardly mentioned.  Here are a few images created on tumblr by Scabmione fans:

As much to my pleasure, I have come across a Scabior wallpaper and it is rocking my desktop!

Any Scabmione fans?


  1. Me thinks JK Rowling is kicking herself over this new Scabior fandom <3 She was definitely mortified with the Draco fandom xD

  2. @drusillacrowley
    Haha. As you can tell, I love Scabior - anyone who doesn't must be MENTAL!
    Haha, I love Draco. He was so adorable before he got snotty and now he is like so scared. I love Tom Felton :D

  3. i love scabior and draco but i think scabior is more hot haha.
    i saw the film yesterday. it was amazing better than i thought actually! SCABIOR RULES!!! <3

  4. @Anonymous
    Haha, Scabior is hot in the film but not in real life without the Scabior look. Where as Draco/Tom Felton looks super hot in real life ;)

    And Nick Moran is so a fantastic actor...=)
    I like ;*

  6. @Anonymous
    I love Scabior too ;) I really want the pants. My friend joked that I could get the pants but she could get Scabior :P
    I haven't seen Nick Moran in any other films but I definitely would love to :)


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