Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Want A Haircut

Personally, I have never been one hundred percent happy with my hair.  I either want it long or short, layered or not layered.  I wish I was someone who could "pull off" any hairstyle, but I cannot, so if I were to have a short haircut, it would be difficult to cover because it would take a while to grow back obviously.

The one and only haircut (really) which I absolutely adore right now is Emma Watson's new hairstyle:
I love how it is so chillax and looks so amazing on her.  If I could wear that style, I would definitely wear it.  However, one of the problems is what my actual skull would look like, because the haircut is so short and close to the skull, it is quite an important thing to note. 

If I were to get a short haircut, I would have to go in intervals: shoulder length to something like a "bob" then to a "pixie" or whatever Emma has but probably thicker and a bit longer...

I apparently have an "oval face shape" so practically I could wear any hairstyle but knowing me, that is not entirely correct.  If I were to choose a short hairstyle it should:

This short hairstyle gives some of the needed height on top. Attention is drawn to the eye region and it is further accentuated by soft wispy bangs.This short style works well for an oval face shape and causes no negative effect on the width or length of this models face shape. Alternatively a style which features no height or bangs would also look just as good.
However this is the wrong short hairstyle apparently:
This style straight across heavy bangs covers the face too much creating the unwanted illusion of squareness. This is a good example of how a perfect oval face shape can be lost with a style that puts too much hair onto the face. Although there is a slight amount of height at the top that creates somewhat of a round shape the eyes focus on the that falls forward onto the face and draws its conclusion of squareness.
Well the positive fact is that if I were to choose something similar to Emma's cut, it would be a "good short hairstyle".  Now I just got to plan on when I would like to change.  Like Emma had said, you usually get a dramatic haircut after a breakup however, she was "breaking up" with Harry Potter, whereas my reason would be "breaking up" with my 13 years of schooling (primary and high school)

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