Monday, November 15, 2010

Charlie McDonnell

This is Charlie McDonnell otherwise known as charlieissocoollike on YouTube.  On YouTube, he is the #1 Most Subscribed All Time in the UK as well as  Most Subscribed All Time UK - Directors and Partners, #35 for being the Most Subscribed All Time as well as many other "awards".

A few of my friends know that I have an obsession with Charlie and want to move to London, marry Charlie and then move into his flat where Alex Day (nerimon) is Charlie's flatmate.

For someone at the age of 20, he has already received a Guinness World Record for typing the fastest on an iPad, participated in StickAid 2010, in a band which sing songs about Doctor Who known as Chameleon Circuit - this band got me into Doctor Who at the beginning of this year and now I love the show! - as well as releasing a debut album: This Is Me
 I preordered the album today, and I cannot wait to receive it in the mail, along with a shirt from his video where he called them "breast-patches"

This is Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell, they have been best friends for a long time, unsure how long but they must have a pretty close friendship to become flatmates.

If you haven't checked out Charlie's YouTube or Alex's YouTube, I definitely recommend them.  They will definitely entertain you and will make you laugh.

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