Monday, December 27, 2010


This movie was made in 1997 and thirteen years later, I have finally seen Titanic.  I will never forgive myself or my parents for not forcing me to watch it.  It has won 11 Oscars and 76 other awards.  I am definitely not surprised by this.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s performances were perfection.  I never expected them to do so well.  I had always enjoyed the films they starred in, so after seeing Titanic, I shall have to watch other films with them :D
I cried like a baby at the end of Titanic, which hasn’t happened since King Kong I think.  It is quite difficult to get me into that emotion.  I think because the film goes for 3 hours 14 minutes, I felt more emotionally connected to the film, I guess.  This is definitely a film I could watch without being annoyed by its length.  I want to have my own copy on DVD asap!!
Definitely one of the best films made in the history of films.  This is definitely a movie that everyone should see.  To my fellow followers: I order you to go to the video store to rent it or just buy it, as well as tissues!  Definitely in my top 10 movies of my life, I think
Just thinking about the film makes me get sad.  I believe these scenes were what made me cry like a baby the most:

This is the #1 scene which made me cry like a baby

When I was watching this ^ scene, I was thinking
“How horrible would it be, that for the one person who had saved you and loved dearly, that there wasn’t a photograph of them or anyone else knowing them”

There are three gifs which define myself while watching Titanic:


Okay, I am going to bed now before I start crying from the scenes mentioned above.

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