Monday, December 20, 2010

First online tarot reading

I have never tried an online tarot reading before and since I hope to buy a tarot-related book today, I figured I should try it out.  It was the Celtic Cross from the first 3 cards of 11.  Go here to have a reading.  For my question I had written, What is the best way in going towards my goal at university?
The Page of Coins(Pentacles) was in the “Situation” Position
Main (positional) reading:
Remember what it’s like to be a novice. Have the mind of a beginner and get a fresh perspective and new insights.

The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.

When the Page of Coins (in some decks, a Princess) is in this position, it is time to become a student again, especially in terms of the project in front of you. Take another look at the current challenge as if it were a brand new endeavor, so as not to be misled by conclusions formed long ago.

Yours is an undertaking that is bigger than you alone. As you realize new insights, encourage others to come forward with ideas as well. Honor their perceptions because they will help you re-frame the situation in new and helpful ways.
This ^ creeped me out because of “mind of a beginner” “it is time to become a student again”  “an undertaking that is bigger than you alone”
The Hanged Man in the “Self” Position
Main (positional) Meaning:
A sacrifice mediates the situation and returns it to normal.

The card in the Self position reveals aspects of how you perceive yourself right now.

The Hanged Man represents the taking of a loss. He’s the sacrificial lamb, whether it’s accepted with grace or only because it’s been forced upon him. In either case, his ordeal serves to clear the air of general tension, denial and game playing. The Hanged Man’s predicament brings issues to a head, making it possible to clear the slate and allow everyone to start over.

Whether it’s purely symbolic or has to do with real events, such a situation can clear the collective conscience and helps to break old patterns. It’s a good thing that it’s you playing this vulnerable role, and not someone else who may be broken by the situation. You are resilient and regenerative, someone who can view this experience as educational and not be totally victimized by it. This is the enlightened attitude. Your sacrifice will make a difference in the larger flow of events, even if it’s not fair and you don’t deserve it.
This one isn’t as freaky.  “…brings issues to a head, making it possible to clear the slate and allow everyone to start over” and “helps break old patterns”
Nine of Swords in the “Challenges/Opportunities” position
Main (positional) position:
What brings sorrow may also give rise to feelings of liberation.

The card that lands in the Challenges/Opportunities position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.

With the Nine of Swords in this position, you are facing the paradox that what is cause for grief and sorrow can also produce a great release. Sometimes the catastrophe you fear the worst is actually the end of an impossible situation; this may be one of those times.

Consider the possibility that binding obligations to an old situation are now ended. You are now free to choose your own direction, to explore and grow beyond circumstances that used to hold you in. The very fact that this is happening indicates your readiness to make this transition. Somewhere beneath the distress and loss is a reserve of strength that has been building for this kind of opportunity. Point yourself toward healing, release from bondage, and freedom from suffering. Focus on the positive. Collect visions and ideas that will help you rise above feelings of hopelessness.
When I selected this card, I freaked out because it had swords and from reading the Vampire Academy series and swords were usually in Rose’s readings which weren’t very cheerful…  “you can turn obstacles into stepping stones” “old situation are now ended” (just finished high school..) “free to choose your own direction, to explore and grow beyond circumstances that used to hold you in” (planning on going to university next year..)
Overall, the reading is very closely related to my question and that is what freaks me out… but in a good way, I think.

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