Sunday, December 26, 2010


Happy Christmas to those who have already celebrated Christmas, which includes myself, or to those who are still celebrating because where you live.  I got a 33" plasma digital TV from my rents, a babushka doll which is so awesome and a few other things.  Any way, this post isn't Christmas related, thank god!  Yesterday, my day only consisted of tumblr, really...

I wanted to talk about orientations.  I know, some people will be disgusted that people can love the other sex or both, oh my god, run for the hills! *sarcasm*  I have always supported the LGBT community and always will be because I believe everyone can love another, no matter what gender.  I actually had written on a girl advice website an explained my "problem" and hoping I will receive some advice eventually because I don't want to start the New Year all confused about my own sexuality.  I know that I am at least bi-curious or bisexual, but lesbian, is a big question mark "?"

I haven't been kissed before, which is a shame, so I cannot have some idea of my preferences by "experience" which is at 0%.  Actually, I had once kissed a girl, well actually the other way around, at my best friend's 11th (or 12th) birthday sleepover and was dared to kiss me - I was the person to kiss probably because I wasn't participating because I thought whatever film was being played was more fascinating.  I sort of regret that I don't remember the whole "moment" because that is the closest to a kiss I have had, so technically my "experience" is like on 1%...

I have realised that people I know, such as my friends and possibly family members (but I just removed my link on my FB page) and may be thinking "Oh, she doesn't like guys and likes girls, huh.."  I don't mind guys but girls fascinate me more.  Okay, I sort of want to stop this blog before I get too into detail because I need to know about it and "advice" from other girls/lesbians/bisexuals etc before "labelling" myself as a particular orientation.

The worst thing would definitely having my parents hearing it from a family member or friend without hearing it from me first.  I had made my first vlog for my tumblr followers on youtube, here because it takes too long to upload onto here.  I think they may have heard me filming it because I swear my walls are paper thin, so just going to wait for the next few days to see if it is brought up in conversations.  I mean, my parents are not against homosexuality (my mum had two friends who were actually dating, lesbians) and says that it is fine that we are gay if we are.  However, at the back of my mind, I am thinking it will be the completely opposite which is not as I would hope for.

Okay, I am finishing this blog now!  For anyone who is still confused about this blog, orientation: confused and knows that I am not straight.

EDIT:  I forgot to mention, how annoyed I thought it was that at the girl advice's forums, they had made the whole orientation curiosities like buried into four folders until you got into it.  I know there are people who are like religious, against it etc but seriously?

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