Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I know I haven't blogged for a while.  Yesterday, I began to reread Vampire Academy series since the final book comes out in six days!  I cannot wait to read it.  I want to see what happens with Rose/Dimitri.  Actually, I am just excited to get the book, that I think that I am going to cry so much while reading it.  Happy cries, hopefully.  I have cried way too much through out the five books that it is embarrassing.  Especially, when it isn't a sad scene...

Getting a haircut on Friday, woop woop!  I can't wait to get all of this bloody hair off me!  I am the worst person to be with when I am reading while lying down on a pillow.  I have to always fix my hair if it is slightly loose, or I give up and just let my hair down.

Not a very exciting blog, unfortunately.  Sorry guys, going to go read Frostbite (second Vampire Academy book) since I finished Vampire Academy in six hours, which I think is a record :D

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