Sunday, December 26, 2010


Someone commented on my question about my orientation and knows me on tumblr. Shit, shit, shit!!!
I know I shouldn't be so freaked out but oh my god, my stomach is like tied in knots.  It is the same feeling I experienced when I received an anonymous question asking if I had been raped before.  I haven't, but the shock of receiving a question like that startled me and definitely freaked me out.  Now I am searching the interests of the one who answered my question to try and figure out who it is and figure out how freaked out I should be :/

 I know I should be able to confide in my friends and family, but it seems like an awkward conversation starter:  "So ____, I think I may be gay/bisexual, what's your opinion?"  Yeah, no.  I need to figure it out a bit more before talking to people, unless they want to tell me anon on here... 

Edit: I just reread what the person said and they were like that oh wow, a tumblr user reaction.  So they are probably not someone I follow :)

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