Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Sacrifice, Part 3

I do not own the Vampire Academy series nor any of Mead's work, but I would definitely love to own Adrian Ivashkov ;)

From the previous post:
It appears that Sydney had found a connection to Eric's mistress...  It was Sonya Karp. 

Sonya Karp had been a teacher at St. Vladimir's Academy before she went crazy from Spirit and chose to turn Strigoi.  Rose explains how it will be difficult to find Sonya since her boyfriend, Mikhail (who also was a Guardian) had searched for a year to find her.  Dimitri explained it was because Mikail didn't have the right connections, with this, Dimitri called a Strigoi named Boris in his Strigoi voice, to pretend that he was still Strigoi.  While Dimitri was talking to Boris in Russian, Sydney gave a brief overview to Rose on what they were saying:
"He's telling this guy that if he doesn't get answers by tomorrow night, Dimitri's going to find him and rip him apart and..." Sydney didn't bother finishing.  Her eyes were wide.  "Use your imagination.  It's pretty terrible."
When Dimitri had finished with the phone call, Rose wanted to comfort him but she decided not to, since he probably wouldn't like it.  Not long after they arrived back at the Keepers and Joshua took Rose to his cave.  The cave was on the outskirts since there was very little room in the town and some 'caves' had actually been abandoned mining caves.  Rose praised Joshua's cave before Joshua offered Rose to marry him, have kids before moving into a loft.  She quickly declined the offer and explained how she didn't plan on getting married well, not for a while and that she would have to be leaving soon.  After Joshua showed Rose a carved chair he gave Rose a bracelet before they went back to the others.  Just as Rose explained to Dimitri that she needed to talk to Sydney, someone punched Rose in the face.
-- When Joshua wanted to show his cave to Rose, I was expecting Strigoi to be in there so it was a trap.  Good thing it was just my imagination...

It was Angeline.  She wanted to see how tough Rose really was and Dimitri sprung up, sensing that Rose was in danger.  While Angeline tried to attack, Rose was attempting to calm Angeline down as well as dodging her punches.  Rose had to explain to her that her tattoos were real and that she had to calm down before Rose noticed that Dimitri wasn't helping but was smiling.  After Angeline admitted that she wanted the Moroi all dead, that was when Rose's battle instincts took over which led Rose to punch the side of Angeline's face.  After a few attempts to be released from under Rose, her furious look on her face changed to resignation.
"Fine," she said.  "I guess it's okay.  Go ahead."
"Huh?  What's okay?" I demanded.
"It's okay if you marry my brother."
The trio went back into the room they were staying in to discuss Rose and Angeline's battle as well as Dimitri needing to check in with Boris again.  When both Sydney and Dimitri left, Rose decided to go into Lissa's mind.  Lissa, as well as Adrian and Christian, were in the Court's spa and salon.  They were meeting Ambrose to ask a few questions if he knew anything about the Queen's death.  Adrian retorted that Ambrose had already moved onto someone new, since there was a woman lying down on the massage table, however, it was Ambrose's client.  They discussed about how Ambrose had wished Rose good luck after the trial - he didn't mention the letter - as well as how he cared for Tatiana and would never hurt her.  Ambrose told them that Tatiana had a group of Moroi's learning how to protect themselves.  One of the instructors was Grant, who had been assigned to Rose in Spirit Bound, however had died.  Ambrose also mentioned that Blake Lazar had also been involved with Tatiana, which disgusted Adrian since he was an idiot.  After that Lissa thanked Ambrose and he replied that he would try and get anything which could help them.  Rose was woken up by Dimitri touching her arm and back into her own mind.

Dimitri confirmed that he had spoken with Strigoi Boris, which apparently was more scarier since some of it was in English, according to Sydney.  He mentioned that the person who probably knew where Sonya was, was in Lexington, Kentucky.  Rose was disappointed that they weren't going somewhere like the Bahamas or even the Corn Palace, which made Dimitri smile.  Dimitri also mentioned to Rose that they would have to be fighting Strigoi, which got Rose to her feet and asked how long until they could leave.  The trio then decided that it was time to leave the Keepers and go to Kentucky.  As they were walking towards their car, Angeline begged them to take her with them, believing she could take on the Strigoi.  Rose apologised saying that it isn't possible for Angeline to go with them and they had to go on their own.  Since it was going to be a six hour drive, Rose decided to check in on Lissa again.

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